Happy Independence day Perú!

Today and tomorrow are the independence days for Peru, so that means it’s party time!!! I love the patriotism here! Everyone has their flag out, and is proud to be Peruvian!

Last week we had a super P-day! We played a huge soccer game on a professional field with another near-by zone! We won, as I was playing goal! (of course we won!) No really, I hate playing goal in soccer. The nets are too freaking big! You basically guess and hope for the best! Nothing like hockey at all!

This week we moved a huge pile of dirt from one spot of land, to another spot of land. Pretty rough work, but we got rewarded with some super rico flan from the grandma we were helping. Needless to say, it was so worth it! I kinda felt like I was at my grandpa Ballard’s house doing random chores for a little extra cash…

This week he had a baptism for an 11 year old whose name is Andy! His mom is inactive, and his dad is a non-member who works in the mine 27 days out of the month (He’s never home). We received them as a reference from the sisters in the zone, and normally no pasa nada, but this time, they were golden! We have been teaching this family for the past 3 weeks, and they have attended everything we have done; all of the activities and junk. He is so cool! We just set a date for his sister who is seven until December 3rd, as well! I know she will get baptized as well!

As I baptized him, he was scared, but when he came up out of the water, he was perfectly calm! I asked him how he felt, and he said he saw God in the form of a bright light under the water on his way up, and He stroked his face! Well if God was right next to me, I must not have too many sins! ‘Cause I didn’t get burned! It really was an eye opener when he said that. Kind of a different feeling passed to me as he said that!

I know the church is true due the experiences, and answers to my prayers that I receive every day.

Oh yeah, and we had surprise visit from the Mission Presidente this week, so that was nice as well! Next month Elder Anderson, the apostle, is going to be coming to our mission! That should be fun as well!

Elder McPherson

(Sorry for no pics! The computers and internet are terrible here. I will try to send some during the week!)