What a heck of a week…

I don’t want anybody to judge me or take this the wrong way, but I will be having a lil’ boy this week. The mission president said I could stay in the mission as well. This means that we just had transfers, and I’m going to be a dad! Congrats parents you’re now grandparents! We don’t have his name yet but I will for sure let you know next week! For all those who still don’t understand, I will be training a brand new missionary! (Poor kid) All I’ve heard is that he is from AZ, and he is white and taller! But all gringos are like that! Soooo we’ll see. I go to pick him up tomorrow! At least I get a little bit of a P-day today.

This week we had mission night again, and we played Bunco for an hour or so. We had 54 people there! We have been growing so fast! Explaining the rules was so complicated! But, everyone around the 4th round was starting to get it though. We had 6 tables with 6 people at each table, and a few people walking around. Finding all the dice was a challenge, but we ended up finding a bunch with members, and we needed 21 at least to do it and we got them all we ended with 30 dice! We shared a scripture about how we all don’t know when we are all going to die, but we do know we will. Someone will say Bunco! but we don’t know when. So go hard, work hard, play hard, ‘till the buzzer rings. Just like in any sport, you go hard ‘till the buzzer rings. Then you reap the rewards of all your efforts. Life is just like a sport on a larger scale! We’ve been making the Gospel fun, and we have been seeing results.

Winter in Peru.

Winter in Peru.

Life is great here in Peru, I’m still in Ilo, and probably will be here for the next couple months! Changes are awesome!

Elder McPherson