This week was so sick!

My new greenie and I have been doing some serious work! We’ve really been trying to focus on the families here, and on the Family Home Evenings! I’ve noticed from my time being in the mission, that the best way to explain the gospel of Jesus Christ, is through games. And the most effective games are with the family! That’s why family activities are so memorable! Whether or not they were good, your remember them!

So this week we included ping pong, or table tennis, on our list of activities! We played a tournament with a few of our families that we are teaching and our investigatores! So we have two equally shaped rackets or paddles and we have one ball! The two paddles represent God and Jesus, and the ball is the Holy Ghost! To play this game, you need all three, or it won’t work! It’s the same as the Gospel! We need all three members of the Godhead to do their part.

The net represented the Gospel and how it is firm! How it sets our boundaries! The table represented two caminos! The wide path, and the narrow path! And the table is the hardest part to hit! When we don’t hit the table, we are on the wrong path and so we lose a point! We must be focused just as the Godhead must be focused!

Praying for Peru.

Praying for Peru.

This letter is short, but this week we are doing great! My companion’s Spanish is coming along, and learning from him is actually helping me out a lot more than I previously had thought! We had about 119 people in our Sacrament Meeting this week, so for a branch, we are doing great!

Elder McPherson

Life’s about making others feel good! or better yet, being their cheerleader!