A salute to all the heroes, and all the families of heroes in the world in remembrance of what happened that dreadful day on the morning of 9/11. My heart really goes out to them! I know that I can’t ever experience it like they have, but being in the mission, away from my family, has really opened my eyes!



This letter is short, but just a recap of this week.

We had another noche misional, even with another conflict schedule wise. We played Pictionary, a game idea from my Mom! We have our facebook page too, called Powerful Games. We played remix style, where we spun a big dice and depending on what big number you rolled, you were handicapped with your drawing: like drawing with your mouth, to never being able to lift the pen off the paper! It was a huge hit! We ended with some jello, and they can’t wait ‘till the next week!

We have been finding ways to teach that aren’t common or normal in order to bring some different results! Service has been more common, followed by a sore body on the next day! We tend to focus more on the less active members, as our time is limited in my area due to this new trio that I’m in! I’m learning a lot, and a good amount of patience waiting for the bathroom!

Love you all!

Elder McPherson