I figured that this time I would give you a run down of a normal day of church, a normal Sunday! Well, we wake up at 6:30 in the morning and (not going to lie) Sundays I get too lazy to do exercises, so we boil some water to have a hot shower as soon as we get up! We then chill for a few minutes until it boils!! We then take turns in the shower. One of us usually gets dressed, while the other finishes showering. We eat breakfast, usually an avocado and bread, and for a drink we either get hot chocolate, milk, or we get a smoothie with papaya or a banana of some sort! We then plan the lessons that we have that day in the church meetings, or if we are speaking if front of everyone in the main reunion. As we finish, we head of to the church at about 10, and we are there by 10:15.

We greet the members and hope for the investigatores to walk through the door! As church starts, I am usually at the door as they pass around the sacrament to help keep the reverence inside the room. As we finish Sacrament meeting, I usually book it up to my classroom to get things prepared! Just like my mom did for her classes! I then ask each of them a question or their thoughts on a subject and tie it into the lesson. (I think I got that from Brother Morris back home.) We usually have a different object lesson inside the lesson itself! Because I’ve discovered that people learn in different ways.

After that, we go to Elders Quorum, and we practically make up all of the elders there! As we listen to yet another boring book lesson, and a few thoughts from the other elders, they ask us all the questions, thinking we know all the answers, or just to kill time by listening to us gringos speaking slowly. I don’t know which.

We then stay in the room for another hour as we sit through ward council. As we talk about those people whom we need to put our efforts into, or who is struggling, and with what things.

As we finish that, I usually start to get a little angry, as I am starting to get hungry. I’ve learned that I need food, or I get moody really quickly! By this time, it’s about 3:30, and we head on home. Once we get home, we have a warm lunch. After that, we go to some of the dates or appointments that we have set up.

We finish for the day, and put in our numbers for the week by phone to our Zone Leaders! We eat dinner at about 9, and we head to bed after that, to make sure that we get enough energy for P-day on Monday!

9/11 America Pride in Ilo!

9/11 America Pride in Ilo!


Hope all is well!

Elder McPherson