Last P-day we had a marshmallow war without the marshmallows!

Last week it was our turn to plan for the P-day activity with the other missionaries, so I decided it would be a ton of fun if we had a war! I bought the pvc pipe and all of the balloons, along with the tape. The hard part was finding mini marshmallows! I remember when we used them in the stake center at home, and it got all over the floor! So we had two options… the first was to do it outside, if we found the marshmallows. The second option was to do it inside if we found something else to shoot. We went with the second option. I was thinking coco puffs would be a good idea because they would explode on impact! So we went looking for some, but the price was really high and they wouldn’t be reusable like the marshmallows could be. We found dog food, which was cheaper and would have worked but would have smelled funny! So we kept looking…. we came across some styrofoam balls and we decided they would work great! Even though we had to pay a ‘lil more, they were reusable!

So last P-day, we had a war with the tiny styrofoam balls and marshmallow shooters! Everyone got into it, so it turned out to be a good activity! We had a few snipers, and a few shotgunners running around with us! We put chairs and tables up to guard us as we played in the stake center, where the church holds their dances!

Marshmallow Wars!

Marshmallow Wars!

So the same thing we did for P-day, we did with the members here for our noche misional! They loved it! We related it to the gospel by showing how this represented the war in heaven before we all came to this earth! As we were spirits, we fought with our spirits for God’s plan against Satan’s plan! And how we have already won. We just don’t always remember it! There was this old widowed lady who got totally into it as we made her the queen! You can’t shoot the queen, but she could hunt you down! It took a little bit of strategy, but the whole crowd got into it! It’s one of those games you get into even if you’re not playing! Just like my dad and my hockey games went together!

Gospel fun you make it, and more converts will you have- Elder Yoda!
Elder McPherson