To be honest I completely forgot to write this letter until there was like five minutes ‘till the end of my time on the computer, so they will just be bullet points today!

We watched conference and it was good, but I only heard one talk that referred to a truck! We heard about some guy who came to save his family with water, but the truck part counts! He said the word!

This week we worked on giving a bunch of stuff away to needy families! (See last week.) Our penchion has been out of town, so we have been doing our own cooking! I realized how spoiled I am! I’m going to be so lazy when I get back! I just know it! Ha ha, we have been eating crap this week, but it’s so good!

This week we have also been helping our penchion’s son a lot, as he is still here in the home with us!

Last P-day we ate some Colombian food with fried banana and sausage! Turns out to be a pretty good combo! We also played soccer, and I’m starting to like being in goal more and more!

Hope all is well with all, and I will include fotos tomorrow if I can get on to send them!

Elder McPherson