Que rapida la semana! Paso tan rapida que yo podia imaginar! (This was the fastest week! It passed much faster than I could ever imagine!)

Super light weight bug just needs a little work...

Super light weight bug just needs a little work…

This week as district leader, I had to teach a class to other missionaries for two hours! I was stressed out of my mind, but I was able to pull it off! We talked about how to teach using different methods! I was teaching a group of 6 missionaries, including my own companion, Elder Layton! We received some new ideas for teaching, and I will share them with you! (This part I guess I get from my Mom!) We put up random lessons on the board that we are planning to teach this week! We had one plan to teach about family history, and the importance to show it! We came up with the idea of playing hide and seek as a game, to get them to realize the reality of the situation! How some people have been hiding for hundreds of years and it’s our job to find them! The other lesson that we planned was about trying to teach the importance of the restoration, and the fall and apostasy that had to come as well! So we will have one family member sit on a chair with each leg representing something and show them how sturdy it is but when we take out a leg, the chair leans, and when we take out more than two legs the balance becomes critical! When you get to one leg, it is virtually impossible! So when they fall, they get the message on how the church needs to be founded with basics that you just can’t find in other churches!

Elder Layton is doing great, his Spanish is practically fluent now! He is even helping me with words when I have a set back in remembering!

This week we played pioneer games and talked about the lives of the pioneers! It was a great activity full of people and families!

Playing pioneer games for noche missional (I won first, but he won the second round).

Playing pioneer games for noche missional (I won first, but he won the second round).

I need an idea about teaching about how addictions and drugs are bad! A game or example, or videos that are relatively short! About how through the Lord, we have power to overcome them. So please help with any and all ideas!?!

Elder McPherson