I just wanted to give some bullet points for this week!

I gave my district a lesson on finding new ways to teach, not just the same old ways, where we get the same results!

This week was the baptism of an 8-year old kid named Aaron! After trying to get him to open up in the lessons, we tried a different approach and used games to teach! He was so excited, and we were fully pumped going into their house. Time after time he opened up, and finally told his dad that he wants to be like Elder McPherson when he grows up. His dad shared this story at the baptism, so of course I teared up a ‘lil!

We had a huge service project where we pulled a bunch of dead branches into a pile to burn later! We also had wheelbarrow races and had a track set up by the time we finished service! Let’s just say that I won!

Our Noche Misional involved a game called “Do You Love Your Neighbor?” Great game, just a ‘lil boring compared to what we have done in the past!

It’s a quick letter this week, but the reason why is because I was in Arequipa on Monday for a mission wide district leader meeting. I’m back in Ilo now after a long 2 days of travel and classes! Ohh, and I got to cook french toast with presidente (the Mission President)! That’s right, like 200 pieces of french toast! And I learned how to make a new kind of syrup called fat sauce! Very delicious but very fattening (hence the name)!


Making lots of French Toast with the President!

Making lots of French Toast with the President!

Elder McPherson