What a slow week!

It started out with having a special meeting for all of the District Leaders only, in the whole mission! And since I’m District Leader I got to go. This was the first one of its kind! It has never been done before in this mission! Sure with the Zone Leaders (ZL) every month, but never with the District Leaders! The assistants talked to us, as well as Mission President, about some things we need to focus on, and how to change things up! Normally, it’s like this: the quarterback studies all the plays and then receives which play to launch before the snap of the ball, and then relays it to the team. Now it feels more like we are the blockers, who now receive the same instruction from the same coach and the QB! It makes the way the information comes a lot smoother! Now the blockers feel more needed as the priority is placed on them as well! (Normally we overlook the blockers or the importance of them, and just focus on the QB (ZL) but now that the blockers (DL) are more acknowledged, everyone works harder and happier! Oh, and I got to make French toast with the Pres!

The bus ride home was the best! We got to go on the first class part of the bus, where there are leather couches and air conditioning. It was so great! So comfortable compared to being up top, and swung side to side on a very curvy road!

First Class bus ride!

First Class bus ride back to Ilo from Arequipa!

This week included my first Baptismal interview. It was very different from what I had thought, and a little more rough, but a learning experience for sure!

In our Noche Misional, we all played broom hockey and it was a hit! Everyone had a blast! We played in our small chapel room. The dust got picked up a little from all the brooms being used in homes before all of this, but it applied to the lesson perfectly! I let the other missionaries decide what the lesson should be, and they chose a great topic about how we need to sweep away our sins and we need to make it to the goal! The response was fantastic!

Broom hockey was a great success!

Broom hockey was a great success!

We also found this guy in the street this week who questions everything. He knows so much information, but in all reality, he knows so little. How can that work… someone knows so much, and yet so little? It depends who your sources of information are from. After all is done and said whether you know a lot, or know very little, your faith still remains the biggest factor!

Elder McPherson