This week we had some Noche de Hogares, which means Family Home Evening in Spanish. We had more than normal this week! I’ll share just a little of what we did.

We played Jenga, and then related it to the gospel. How sometimes the more time we have in the church (game), if we are not building our testimonies in a smart way, they will be destroyed in a matter of time. So we always need to focus on the holes in our testimony, and make sure that we build on a good base!

The other one we did was that we made “Boo Catchers” with a family. A little arts and craft idea that my Mom gave me when I was little! I still to this day remember making them in our old house’s living room, right on our sectional couch! Anyways, we made them as an activity, and it turned out great! I related it to our friends around us as the cone is attached to the string, and it represents the people around us, and how that all we need to get them in the cone, is to just give them a little tug! After that, we guide them to the “safety” of the cone! After they named the little figure, we practiced, and the 8 year old and 4 year old loved it!

After the activity with the boo catchers, they let me mount a little 2 cycle moto and take it around the block! It literally made my eyes tear up as I got to touch something with a running motor! I got to fix the little gas leak they had as well! It made my night! I just love the smell of gas! We also picked up several references this week and they look promising!

Cool moto!

Cool moto!

We also taught a girl whom we found out is pregnant and is at 6 months but it’s no relation that I have 6 months here either! She is a less active member who we didn’t visit too much at first, but now we are! Better late than never! We call her Hermana Choo and she is 16, btw! It’s going to be rough for her! Please pray for her, as her parents aren’t members, and see no problem with it!

Love you all and take care!

Elder McPherson

A little boy that came to church with us!

A little boy that came to church with us!

Holiday Psych...I know what you want for Christmas!

Holiday Psych…I know what you want for Christmas!