This whole entire week was full of Navidad. From little kids running, to singing in an arch way, to street trucks with Santas, fake snow,  and a bunch of gifts!

Where we live is the new section of Tacna! People are just starting to populate it, so all the money the parents have is going to constructing a home or putting their kids in school! My area isn’t full of very rich people, but rather rich hearted people. We got to give out gifts to kids who were in need! It feels so good to give to those who are desperately in need!

It seems like the whole community comes running to the gifts as the truck with Navidad music rolls by! We were on our third night with the truck near us and decided lets go for a 20 minute walk down to the other town to contact because we knew all the families would be busy here! Right after we knocked on the first door after making the walk, we heard the truck…. the people literally run out of their doors to receive the gifts! Now just if the people learned that we give gifts of eternal joy, then they would really get excited!

Celebrating Navidad!

Celebrating Navidad!

We taught with a different style this week to see if it would change our numbers, and it did! We learned that it’s simple short lessons with games that work the best here as well! If not a game, than an interactive lesson! The more they participate, the better the retention they have.

This week I talked and taught about the 10 commandments! The way that my Mom taught me makes me remember them in an instant so that is one of the ways that I have taught some of the families down here!

We got to see a baptism here in our ward building and I was shocked… the water was this ugly green color and the heater isn’t working…  so weird! But either way the man they baptized received a cleansing of his sins.

Green water can still cleanse sins!

Green water can still cleanse sins!

It was a big week with even bigger egos! I’ve realized humility for me is such a hard concept but I need to learn it now so that I don’t get taught even a harder lesson in life later on…

Hope all is well and New Years/Navidad was/will be great!

A great 2014! Tengan una buena semana!

Elder McPherson