This week we saw the results of our hard work! My companion, Elder Flickinger, and I have been working really hard these last 6 weeks to get out earlier, and be found teaching ‘till late! And for that, we have been rewarded!

My companion, in his first 6 months in the mission still hadn’t had his first baptism. He was always a little bummed when people brought up the subject because another missionary in the same zone, was from his same group, and he has had 9 baptisms already. So after working our butts off, God gave us a miracle. We found a kid who has been coming to all the activities, and his name is Ivan. He is a shy kid, and he wanted nothing to do with us ‘till we finally got to the point of showing him we are normal people, by participating in the activities like soccer and running our noche misionales. He listened and wasn’t very interested, so we tried to get to know who he was first! This was on Wednesday mind you. And so on Thursday, we decided let’s challenge him for a baptismal date. So I threw out the option of baptism on the 31st, and he didn’t want to. There was some quietness and then he said because his mom wasn’t going to be there. So I jokingly said, “Ok, how about this Saturday?”….and he accepted! He supposedly didn’t have enough attendance at church to baptize him, but then he proceeded to tell us that he has attended in other places for over a total of 6 weeks. We literally taught him all of the lessons super fast, and then had his interview set up!

He came over later in the night with his friend who is a member. They came and knocked on our door at 10:30 saying that he wanted to talk! So we did the quickest clean up that you have ever seen, and then invited him in! We were all bummed knowing that he probably didn’t want to get baptized after thinking about it twice, but that wasn’t the case at all!  He actually wanted to know if his 12 year old brother could get baptized as well! What the? Seriously! A 16 year old boy who cares so much about his 12 year old bro? That’s rare! We gladly said yes, and their mom signed their permission for baptism slips! Unfortunately, due to a few setbacks, he will now be baptized in a few weeks. We for sure thought that we were going to get my companion his first baptism, but that’s sometimes how life goes….

Now, this was Saturday night when we went to a family who the other missionaries have been teaching for a year and a half. As soon as I came in, we made a great connection with the kids! My companion and I really hit it off with them! And so as we told them the news that we thought my companion had a change (transfer) and they said that they wanted their kid to get baptized! They didn’t want to lose the opportunity to have two of the best missionaries they have ever known baptize their kid! Needless to say Satan interfered, but all was ready to go! Everything worked out, and we baptized him last night at 7. His name is Joseph and he is 9 years old!

The confidence you can receive from a family really depends a lot on the relationship you have with their kids! It’s a game changer for sure! So in the end, my companion got his first baptism, and we received nothing short of a milagro.

And yes, the llama is fine. Ohh, and our relationship has gotten much better as she has gotten nicer, at least after I reward her with carrots!

Sunset in Tacna.

Sunset in Tacna.

All is well! Take care!

Ohh, and I have a new companion, and his name is Elder Garcia from Honduras. That’s all that I know about him! More about it next week!


Elder McPherson