This week we went to the beach for P-day with the other 3 zones here! It was so fun! Really, a great activity. We launched some water balloons and we were all surprised how far they really went! We easily cleared three streets! I don’t know if we hit anyone or anything, but man those water balloons hit with an impact!

A zone picture on the beach is a good idea right?

A zone picture on the beach is a good idea right?

This week we also went metal detecting again with a kid named Jesus who lives in our area! He’s an awesome kid, he has just got some 3rd child issues, along with separated parents. Anyways, we found silver and a bunch of bullets from the 1800’s along with a 12 gauge shotgun shell. I guess just the other day he found three buttons and coins in the same place! My companion has some bad knees, and he was starting to struggle near the end, but he made it through!

This week my companion has been having a lot of issues… I don’t know if he doesn’t get enough attention from me, or what it is, but he is groaning about his knees, has a groin issue (to say the least) gets headaches, and his tooth has been causing him to complain. We have taken him to the dentist and the doctor and injected him with stuff, but it just seems like everyday its something different. I love the kid seriously, but sometimes I don’t realize how blessed I am in the mission to not have to deal with these problems he is passing through.

Elder Garcia not feeling well.

Elder Garcia not feeling well.

We were talking yesterday a lot about agency, and how we have the ability and the right to choose what we want. And about how what we plant now, we will reap later on in life, but it depends on us!

Sunset in  Peru.

Sunset in Peru.

My life got put into perspective last night as we came to know a reference named Juan. He is about 45 years old, and he has cancer. He was sharing his experience, and how he had already fought it off once, what he thinks of family and God, while knowing that he will die soon due to the brain cancer they just found a month ago. It brought back a lot of stories and memories that I have from Fred McMilon. What a stud he was, and how much I still look up to him! But being able to live this life to the fullest and helping others out is what it’s all about! There is a saying here in Spanish that just cant be translated, so I will put it here and leave it up to you if you want to translate it: si no vive para servir, no sirve para vivir.

Life is full of different experiences, we just have to choose to be ready for them! And that’s as spiritual as I want to get today! Take care everyone


Elder McPherson