This week was full of good news! Ivan, the kid from the last letter that I wrote, moved to Iquitos. He got settled in, and after much planning with the missionaries they never showed up! He finally contacted them this week. He had another baptismal interview with the mission president there, and he passed! Needless to say, he was baptized this past Saturday. There was such a change in his countenance when he was on the phone. He is so much happier. The next day he missed his confirmation in church, but he will get it next week! I know this kid will do great things in his life, he just needs to be kept on the straight and narrow path, just like all of us!

Well, we happened to get 15 lessons with members this week, and we are rocking it! We have found a new family who looks to be interested in learning more about the Gospel, and found a family who has listened to the missionaries forever! That’s going to change soon, as they are going to be teaching others once they get wet!

Working with other missionaries can be rough, but we all know from Joseph Smith that: “YOUR SUFFERINGS WILL BE BUT A BRIEF MOMENT.” If the prophet had to learn that, then so do I. Life is full of opportunities, we just have to know how to take them, and be ready for the next one that comes along.

Sorry, it’s a relatively short letter, as was the week for us.

Elder McPherson

I’ll be home soon!