Well this P-day, after playing soccer for a good two hours on a private artificial turf field, we decided to hike a mountain. Literally! We just came up with the idea to climb something random, so we went to the mountain near our house! It was a full 25 minute jog to the top of a super steep hill! We were all crazy tired and happy to make it! Most of us that is… We took cool pictures and then on the way down was one of the funnest things that I’ve ever done! We literally skied down the entire thing, letting momentum take us and hitting whatever rocks formed lip! We had some crazy 15ft jumps at time. We got down in 2 minutes! It was so worth the hike.

Hiking the hills.

Hiking the hills.

This week was pretty calm! We had 9 investigatores in church and it was crazy! So cool to see the work progressing! But we received word that my companion and I in our supposedly last area, and my last transfer had a change. Even though we have to leave this area, I’m still going to be able to work in my area because I moved down a little more into the city. Oh, and I also moved to the Zone Leader position. How or why? I have no idea, but that’s how it is! I’m still going to be able to work in my old area that they are closing, but my companion will not, as he is moving to Ilo.

This week we put together a great returned missionary activity. All of the returned missionaries brought items and stuff from their missions! I even got to see some familiar faces in a photo from the Pocatello Idaho Mission. This was done on the ward level! It was very cool! I brought my stuff to because I count myself close enough! It was so much fun to get to see everyone! They were all so proud of who they were, and what they had done! The spirit was strong as well!

At our last day in the area, my companion and I got to see a cool rainbow as we walked out to one of the farms of a recent convert! Business plans maybe in the future!? Anyways…

The work is good here! I have got 6 weeks to be the best Zone Leader and to have fun for the rest of the mission!  We’ll see how it goes! And congrats to Nat Beatty for getting her mission call to Ogden, Utah!

Elder McPherson