You guessed it! Yet another fantastic week! Especially since I was put in a new leadership position, and I was put with a new companion for the last little bit!

Some parts of the day make for good relaxation. It feels like paradise here. For some of the frustration days, we lay out in the shade (if not I get toasted to a nice shade of pink!), usually right next to our infamous Lulu la llama. She’s kind of a stuck up princess! She escaped today and we had to bring here back it. That was hectic! I had to pick her up John Cena style, and get her back in the house! It was about a 100 yard walk caring the llama as she kicked! Those llamas they can make themselves like rocks if they want to! I was carrying her, and she, I kid you not, doubled in weight!

Chillin' with Lulu!

Chillin’ with Lulu!

Walking down the street, people were selling stuff, and this figurine caught my attention! It’s all handmade, and very well done. I had to get it, so I did. It’s a candle cover thing and looks all lit up on the inside at night!

 It’s a candle cover thing...

It’s a candle cover thing…

That same night we saw a truck with the worst body alignment I’ve seen here! Worse then on our truck at home! But this one looks to be damage to the frame! My companion is right next to it as he lost his camera earlier this week!

Custom frame?

Custom frame?

We traveled to Arequipa this week, all for a Zone Leader conference, the same as always. There were a lot of puffed up people full of stories. I tried to keep reserved and focus on my friends most of all! It’s weird to think there are only two people in the mission who are the oldies, and that I am one of them! I’m even older (in the mission) than el Presidente and his wife. Elder Adams, my companion from the MTC and I are the only elders to extend their mission.

I met an hermana this week and we know a lot of the same people, grew up in the same stake (maybe same ward), went to the same parties, were born in the same place and yeah, kinda random. We are thousands of miles away and I don’t know how we knew each other! Her last name is Waldron, and she is about a year younger than I am!  And she finishes at the same time as me. But her dad is coming to pick her up here, otherwise we would even be in the same airport terminal coming home.

Hope all is well at home and with all your families!

Lawn Camping!

Lawn Camping!

Oh, and last night we went lawn camping. Just because why not?

Elder McPherson!