This week will be the two-year mark for us! Pretty incredible to think that this entire time I have not seen any of you guys! All of you who read this are just imagining what is going on. Maybe like a fairy tale or a side thing to read, with a few pictures to go along with some of the stories! Living it is something completely different! It’s something remarkable that you guys were there to guide me to that one decision. There is no way I don’t think that I could ever gain the experiences that I have had here, any other way! Thank you to all of those who helped guide me in one way or another, to get me to where I’m at right now!

This week there was two birthdays! It was crazy! We egged and floured and bathed one of our elders, Elder DeAngelo, and the other newbie, Elder Maldonado! It was a fun week with a lot of showers!

Happy Birthday Elders!

Happy Birthday Elders!

I also got a birthday dinner! Someone got us some trout and it was cooked over a super hot rock! Fantastic!

Happy two year "birthday" to me!

Happy two year “birthday” to me!

The gym has been top priority since my return will be in the near future! 26 days to be exact! I’m trying to not get to trunky, but it’s kinda inevitable!

Staying in shape!

Staying in shape!

This week we had a consejo de barrio, or better said, ward council, and it was like the Bloods vs. Crips. We had people going after other people with words and actions. Pretty funny to watch as I kept my cool and let it all just play out. Nobody drew blood, but you could see steam coming out of some people’s ears! That’s how life is though! We learn from the experiences mas dificiles. Overall it wasn’t a very effective ward council. Relief Society sisters vs. Elders quorum, ha ha ha, the funniest thing ever!


We just talked to a man after contacting some doors this week, and he said about 4 or 5 minutes ago he had just finished talking with the Diablo. Really? So we were intrigued, and figured out that he needs some help, so we are going to visit him this week!


We live with a family here in our house, and he has a Mitsubishi truck, a 2016 4×4, silver 4-door diesel turbo. It’s pretty quick, and he knows how to drive. So we took his truck to a little off-road coarse built for dirt bikes, and drove like mad men! It was so fun to get that off-road feeling again. We hit things that I thought were impossible! On one part we almost rolled! Literally put it on two wheels, and aired the front out. We hit a side of a cutout hill and that’s what pitched us as we were headed into a wall. We turned into it, to save the truck from rolling and it worked! We just missed the wall and after that we headed home!


Peruvian  off roading.

Peruvian off roading.

One heck of a week! Make your life worth living!

Elder McPherson