This was yet another service filled week, as well as wonder “filled!”

Tuesday was a huge surprise for us. As we were leaving from a surprise birthday party for a missionary in the zone, we got informed that someone was trying to reach us on our cell phone, and they needed our help!

I got the phone and answered the call. They told me that they needed help and we had to come visit them immediately! So since I don’t know my area very well yet, I was struggling! I know that I have like three and a half months here, but I don’t really remember streets that well! I remember which cars are on the streets, but the actual names of the streets are one of the hardest things for me to remember!

After walking in circle for a direction that didn’t exist for 30 minutes, we ran into someone who knew who we were looking for! Eventually we found the house and knocked on their door! It was a former resident who was baptized just 3 years ago in Lima! His son just got back from his mission last transfer, and they had a request for us! They had all their furniture that they wanted us to help them give to people in need, or to say donate.

We took it all to our house and put it all on the first floor! The family asked for their name not to be mentioned, but they wanted us to give it to those who are progressing towards baptism, or are just in need… We are doing our best, but being a blue (see the color code book) made it hard for me! If it was my stuff, I would have no problem, but the fact that it’s someone else’s, and I’m in charge puts the load on me to decide if it goes to the correct family or not! Ahhh! Ha ha ha, stressing over the ‘lil things… we received a few couches, a bunch of dressers, a table and 3 dvd players, along with a brand new TV! Right! We got hooked up! So we are trying to give it all out to the families that need it this week by Wednesday!

This was one heck of a week!

Elder McPherson

Oh, and I didn’t get to watch General Conference, because Peru just had elections for governors, so the broadcast got delayed until next week! I can’t wait to see it!

Sunday by law, it wasn’t permitted that we could proselyte or we would be taken to jail! So we stayed inside all day!

Now that's art!

Now that’s art!